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FLW Pro Cody Hahner- Early season Largemouth story courtesy of FLW



There are plenty of baits that can work wonders for early season largies, but Hahner believes less is more.

“I really like to keep it simple. I want something I can flip to docks or wood and something I can cast and wind to cover water,” he says.

“I like a 1/2-ounce Super K Skipping Jig with a swimming craw to flip around. For casting, I like either a 1/4-ounce Super K swim jig when I’m in less than 4 feet of water or the 3/8-ounce model when I’m in 4 to 10 feet. I’ll match it with the same Swimming Craw or a small swimbait. And I also like to have a vibrating jig in case there is some grass standing or some lily pads starting to pop up that I can bounce the bait off of. But those are the three baits that I’ll always have tied on no matter where I fish.”

Hahner likes any colors that resemble a bluegill or perch. Though, if the water has some stain to it, he’ll mix in the old trusted black and blue.