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The most often asked question I receive about my jigs, is "What makes your jigs better?". The simple truth is, there are a LOT of really good jig companies out there. What is different about my jigs, is every one is 100% hand crafted by me! I start with a bare hook, hand pour the jig, powder coat paint the molded jig, bake them for 30 minutes for an EXTREMELY durable finish, then I either paint the eyes and pupils on (if it is a swim jig) or apply a decal eye and clear coat the eye in place on the plunking jigs. After eyes are placed, weedguards are installed with 2 part epoxy - you will not lose one of our weedguards! I then hand tie all my skirted jigs (with the exception of the Bed Bug Finesse jig which is a banded skirt because the skirt material comes up over the head) so the skirt will never slip down - when you hand tie a jig, you can strategically place your silicone in the right places to make it look like something that lives in the water. I use only the best quality hooks and components and build them like I was going to use them myself. The ONLY other person that might possibly touch a jig that you buy from me, would be my wife Joni - she helps package them. We are truly a "Mom and Pop" shop and care deeply that you are happy with the products. THAT is what makes our jigs different!! If you don't see a color that you want, email me @ gkizewski6@gmail.com and I will do my best to make it happen.

Thank you for trusting us with your business! Gregg Kizewski

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